The Connection Between Mind and Body

Tai Chi Silhouette with a view of the Toronto skyline from Ward's Island.There is a spiritual connection between our mind, bodies and spirit that manifests in our health and general sense of well being.  Any imbalance in our lives, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual usually has a basis in a deficiency somewhere else.  Bad diet, lack of sleep or exercise, or simply a failure to take reflection time on our place in the universe can cause illness in any area of our life.

I reluctantly admit to being a compulsive runner.  Somehow I enjoy the discipline and drive that is required to get up every morning at 5:30 and head out the door into the cold, rainy dark morning when I could be snoozing in a nice cozy bed.  Running a couple miles before most people are awake clears my mind and leaves me relaxed and ready for anything the day has to bring.

I also find T'ai-Chi to be a very helpful method to reach a healthy and balanced personal state.  I have worked extensively with instructor Gene Burnett achieving black belt mastery in Chi Gong and the T'ai-Chi Ch'uan styles through short and long forms of the solo movements (left and right handed) as well as having mastered the solo and partnered forms of the T'ai-Chi sword.

I've seen the positive effects these exercises can have on lowering the physical aspects of stress (blood pressure, heart and respiration rates) and can attest to the clarity they can bring to your mental state.  This sort of exercise is especially good for those looking to increase their physical awareness and for those like myself who enjoy learning the precise and exacting through repetition.

I highly recommend someone who is interested to use Gene's website as a starting point.

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